The four stages in the purchasing process

A wide range of visualization and evaluation options are available to the client in ShopperResearch as a result of the observations. Areas where steps need to be taken as a priority quickly become apparent, and specific recommended actions can be reliably derived.

Exact customer flow studies

A customer in a store passes through a process consisting of four stages which can be analysed with ShopperResearch.

1st Stage: Visit to the department or shelf display


  • Is circulation even within the store or are there "dead spots"?
  • Are there any specific flow trends (tendency towards the right, etc.)?
  • Is customer flow slowed down sufficiently to allow a more intensive examination of the products?
  • Does the arrangement of the departments match the natural purchasing sequence?
2nd Stage: Product perception


  • Which products and means of advertising catch the customer’s eye and in what order do they take effect?
  • Is it necessary to rearrange positioning according to product relevance?
  • Do certain forms of presentation increase the chances of a product being noticed?
3rd Stage: Intensive product information


  • Which products arouse customer interest?
  • Are there any parts of the range with less relevance in highly frequented areas?
  • Are the interesting products distributed throughout the store in a meaningful way?
  • Can product interest be increased by certain PoS means of advertising?
4th Stage: Purchase or shopping basket


  • Which products ultimately match customer requirements?
  • Can the proportion of additional purchases be increased by different customer routing or relocating the product range?